Medicine Business


Carrying the mission of "Together to nurture dreams", Sunjin Vietnam understands the dream of every Vietnamese person, the dream of breeders for a prosperous future in livestock production, and this is also the dream. of each individual person Sunjin. That is the motivation for us to constantly strive for the common dream of the Vietnamese livestock industry.

Starting its pig business in 2014, Sunjin gradually moved closer to Vietnamese farmers through the form of cooperation in raising pigs for processing. This is a form of cooperation and development between the company and Vietnamese farmers to create healthy pigs and safe pork. Along with that, the system of high-tech sow farms is also gradually expanding, ensuring a source of clean, healthy and well-growing breeding stock. Sunjin promises to create many breakthroughs with customers for the domestic livestock industry.

Sunjin's consistent criterion for pig business is "Happy People - Healthy Pigs". That's why we always take the customer as the center of our common dream.

Sunjin Vietnam is a companion with breeders to nurture dreams together.


Sunjin laid the foundation for the pig business from the early days of its establishment in 1973 in Gyeonggi-do - Korea. With the development of Sunjin globally, Sunjin Vietnam confidently follows the tradition of safe and sustainable livestock production when entering the pig industry. Since 2014, Sunjin has owned 8 sow farms, 2 meat farms and nearly 100 processing farms nationwide.
Seeing the increasing demand for livestock cooperation, Sunjin understands the importance of the pig business, so Sunjin constantly strives, continues to expand the farm system and partners with global partners. country.