Feed Business


Sunjin Vina is a limited company specializing in animal husbandry and providing feed for livestock farms. The company started its business in Vietnam in 2004 with the mission "Together to nurture dreams". At Sunjin, passion is considered an important factor to fulfill the company's mission. Sunjin always pursues her dreams and constantly challenges herself to achieve success.

With the vision of "Global Leadership in Productivity and Customer Satisfaction", Sunjin aims to create value for customers through differentiation and excellence, establish a global competitive advantage by linking continuously innovate and are not afraid of challenges, and cultivate life values through good relationships with partners.

Sunjin's 15-degree tilt management demonstrates the company's dedication to realizing customer values. Sunjin focuses not only on business profits, but also on the actual values of customers, with consistent enthusiasm based on unremitting efforts. With a vision to 2025, Sunjin Vina hopes to become a global leader in productivity and customer satisfaction.


Sunjin Vina is a subsidiary of the global livestock group Harim, with a business history dating back to 1973. Focusing on animal feed products, Sunjin has grown and expanded its business in six countries. country in the world.

With a vision of sustainable development and a mission to ensure a safe and quality food source for humans, Sunjin Vina is committed to providing the best animal feed products to the Vietnamese market. This is demonstrated through the application of advanced technology, rigorous manufacturing processes, and the selection of high-quality raw materials to ensure product safety and quality.

Sunjin Vina also pays special attention to training and improving skills for its staff, thereby creating a professional and friendly working environment, helping employees develop their careers and contribute to the development of their employees. company development.

With those values, vision and mission, Sunjin Vina wishes to become a reliable and trustworthy partner for breeders in Vietnam, as well as actively contribute to the development of the livestock and agriculture industry. home industry.

Certifications we get

Certification of Top 10 Leading Brands in Vietnam 2022

Sunjin Vina Co., Ltd. (Sunjin) has impressively registered in the Top 10 Leading Brands in Vietnam in 2022. The award is a worthy recognition for Sunjin's continuous efforts during the past time.