Chicken business

Business Story

With the Mission "Together to nurture dreams", Sunjin Vietnam accompanies your farm towards a safe and effective livestock industry! We are constantly striving for the common dream of the Vietnamese livestock industry. That is why we have established the poultry industry since 2012 with the starting point of the business of processing colored feathered chickens. In 2014, Sunjin gradually established a parent breeder chicken farm and an incubator to meet the needs and tastes of Vietnamese farmers.
Up to now, the Company is continuing to expand the business scale of colored chickens, and plans to develop more poultry businesses such as white chickens, chickens, laying hens... in the future.
Sunjin always accompanies the farm to nurture the dream of "Win-Win" for both sides to win.


With the development of the global Sunjin, Sunjin Vietnam confidently follows in the footsteps of the tradition of safe and sustainable livestock production. Sunjin laid the foundation for the poultry business in 2012. Since then, Sunjin has owned:
- The Parent Breeding Chicken Farm was built with a total cost of 40 billion. From modern equipment, closed cages, automatic feeding and drinking trough systems, with a full vaccine process and strict biosecurity. , has produced safe breeding eggs, meeting hatching standards.
- Modern Incubator Factory with automatic Hatching - Hatching process of Chick Master system (USA) produces chicks with high uniformity.
- Sunjin broiler farm with a scale of more than 240,000 chickens provides the market with quality and safe chicken meat suitable to consumer tastes.
- Farm system of processing colored feathered chickens is widely distributed, provided by the company from breeding stock, food, drug program, full vaccine with a team of experienced and enthusiastic technical doctors.
Realizing the increasing demand for livestock cooperation, Sunjin understands the importance of chicken business, so Sunjin constantly strives, continues to expand the farm system and has a long-term cooperation relationship with people. breed.