Aqua Business


We understand that Shrimp will become one of the key export industries of seafood in particular but also of Vietnam's exports in general in the future. In recent years, the shrimp industry is increasingly developing with shrimp farming models that are constantly being improved and perfected to improve farming productivity, bringing the best efficiency to shrimp farmers. That's why, Sunjin we have focused our resources to invest in improving, developing more and more perfect production lines along with enthusiastic young human resources, we want to create products with high value. different value for shrimp farmers.

In addition to the aquatic food processing segment, Sunjin we also want to create more value for shrimp farmers through research to transfer the most suitable farming models to shrimp farmers and provide services to shrimp farmers. Service of testing and diagnosing aquatic diseases with the motto "simple - practical - quality". In October 2022, we officially inaugurated and put into operation the Fisheries Innovation Research Center in Bac Lieu province - which will become the shrimp capital of Vietnam in the future. The Fisheries Innovation Research Center (AIC) is one of our Sunjin leading seafood research centers with the world's leading advanced testing technology, equipped with modern machinery according to organizational standards. The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) includes a testing center in Bac Lieu city and a shrimp experimental farm in Vinh Trach Dong commune, Bac Lieu city.


Since 2004, Sunjin entered the Vietnamese market. In 2007, Sunjin officially built and inaugurated a seafood feed processing factory in Dong Nai province.
Seeing the prospects of the Shrimp industry in particular and Fisheries in general, as well as the development of farming techniques and the need for testing, diagnosis, pathological analysis as well as other indicators not only in shrimp farming but also in shrimp farming. and on other aquatic animals. Sunjin has constantly invested in improvement and construction of experimental camps, research centers, factories... to meet the development needs of Vietnam's seafood industry.
With the spirit of passion for dreams, passion for challenges and passion for implementation, Sunjin we will always strive for our promise: create different value for customers - promote quality improvement - pursue simplicity single in all processes. We act with 4 principles: Hardworking - Subtle - Smart - Sincere for the benefit of shrimp farmers. So that Sunjin can accompany customers "to nurture dreams together".